Anambas The Sparkling Jewel of Sumatra

From Tarempa, the journey began. That morning, the capital of the Anambas Islands Regency that was piled up in a bay was still covered in silence. The sky was bright blue. The green hills that stood majestically encircled her, blushing silently. The sea barely rippled.

In that perfect morning we started the journey. Provided with two tiny speedboats, in eight, we shifted away from Tarempa. This is the trip of the umpteenth time I did along with a number of writers and photographers. But nevertheless repeatedly exploring Anambas, from the beginning to leave until it had been in the hull of speedboat, my heart was always pounding.

Anambas The Sparkling Jewel of Sumatra

Exploring Anambas and setting foot on its small islands is always exploring its own happiness. Presumably, I have been infected with true “love virus” Warrant Blake, a Canadian explorer who has explored Anambas up to 60 times in his entire life.

About an hour through a calm sea surrounded by short straits, we arrived at Rangsang Strait. This strait is flanked by Getah Island, Penjaul Island, Penggending Island and Luyung Island which are contoured green hills. The exotica is increasingly fluorescent by the existence of clear water, stretch of coral reefs of natural and clean white sand. Many things can be done in this strait, ranging from diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming or just a walk down the island and the edge of the beach.

Indeed, this strait is located on an island measuring 2.4 hectares called Ransang Strait Island. Not so wide but its position is completely surrounded by clear waters that have a shades of green and bluish color

In addition to diving and snorkeling, fishing is another exciting outdoor activity. Everywhere the place could be a fishing area, but if you want more challenge, people usually do it directly at the waters slightly towards the sea. But for those of you who do not have the diving, fishing or snorkeling equipment need not be worried. You can still enjoy this beach with a bath or swim at its shallow waters edge. Without any snorkeling equipment, you can see with the naked eye of coral reefs and colorful reef fish playing on the ocean floor.

Penjalin Island The Sparkling Jewel of Sumatra

Busung Island and Penjalin Island

Satisfied exploring this strait, we continued the journey to Penjalin Island. But in the midst of the speedboat rushing, someone of us shouted to stop the speed of the boat. “Stop, look at it,” he said, pointing toward a pile of sand that was visible above the sea.

“That is named Busung Island. We call it that, “explained the tekong (boatman) while concentrating, looking for a groove to stop at the edge. It took a long time for him to lean the boat because the closer to the lips of the island, the water was more and more greasy. “Must be careful, otherwise our boat body can get stuck.”

We, the tekong said, included being lucky people that morning. Because, if it had been two hours before, we would not have been rewarded with this unusual sight. Busung Island, he said, does not remain steady. When the tide sinks and vice versa appears when the sea recedes

Moments after the ship hit its hull, we jumped. Ah, how excited we were, being the first person to set foot on the surface that morning. Half running, I rushed up the half-wet sand surface. The color is brownish white with a grain of sand that is the average of rice seeds. Large enough, stretched oval like an egg about the size of a football field.

While engrossed around the island, a colleague had also prepared the drone and then flew it on the island to capture the beauty of Busung Island from the sky. “A bit to the side, but low, let the corals be recorded,” one of them shouted. Without being noticed, Barry, the operator lowered the small plane to the edge of the island, bringing it two to three meters from the surface of the water.

The exotica of Busung Island is indeed not exhausted in the stretch of sand, the existence of rock shelves lined the mound of sand, is another bonus. Amazingly, the reef is very easily overlooked with the naked eye because the sea water is clear. The surface is also shallow. So, without snorkeling gears, anyone can clearly see the coral shells decorated with multi-colored reef fish, including the existence of a star fish or starfish that is easily found at many points. The latter is endemic animals, which are often found in almost every island of Jakarta in the waters of Indonesia.

For snorkeling enthusiasts, the stretch of coral on Busung Island is certainly tempting. No need to go to the sea, on the edges only, already get a charming underwater view. The area is quite wide, with more than one kilo meter radius. The waves around the island are also relatively quiet, because it is protected by small islands around it

With its unique landscape and surrounded by natural coral rock ranks, the island is stunning. Anyone who land there, are guaranteed hypnotized and would ask for more time to linger. Unfortunately, the exotica of Busung Island has limited time, like the sun that should be edged when dusk arrives and reappears when the morning before. We were moving away from it before the surface was buried by sea water

Above the speedboat to Penjalin Island, my memory of Busung Island continued to tingle in my head. Soon, Busung Island will be the most wanted destination in Anambas, offsetting Durai Island, Bawah Island and Penjalin Island.

Well, about Penjalin Island, local fishermen named Penjalin Island and the surrounding islands with “Severn Island Cluster,” as it consists of seven adjacent islands. The builder itself consists of two, namely Big Penjalin Island and Small Penjalin Island. Both, are equally charming but have their own characteristics and uniqueness.

Big Penjalin Island, covers an area of 1,5529 km2. When I set foot on this island, I was amazed by its unique landscape. In the eastern part of the island, the island is stretched along a long, clear white sandy beach. Right left, lined with stony rocks jutting into the ocean side. Land side, standing dashing a small hill covered with shade trees again green. More clearly realizes that Anambas is indeed the jewel of Sumatra.


The Sparkling Jewel of Sumatra – Temporaktif

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