Anambas The Sparkling Jewel of Sumatra

From Tarempa, the journey began. That morning, the capital of the Anambas Islands Regency that was piled up in a bay was still covered in silence. The sky was bright blue. The... Read more »

Belitung an Undiscovered Island Gem

Some Indonesian islands, such as Bali and Java, are household names the world over; others, like the Moluccan spice islands, were once well known but have since lost their economic importance and... Read more »

Tjong A Fie – The Story of A Generous Chinese in Medan

The charms of Indonesia is not only in its natural beauty, but also its local knowledge and historical objects that can be an important element to color the Indonesian tourism world. Indonesia... Read more »

Tjong A Fie Mansion a Historical Jewel In Medan

This time, we will see beyond the history of the development of the region of Sumatra Island, North Sumatera precisely with its capital Medan which can not be separated from the figure... Read more »