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Surfing in Indonesia is a very popular sport. In fact, Indonesia has an equatorial type of climate which is perfectly suited to Surfing. There are two seasons which have the effect of the neighboring seas and is determined by the monsoons. The dry season extends from June to September while the wet season is from November to March. The average Relative humidity is generally 80% throughout the year. The climate is also accompanied by thunderstorms.


There are 9 surf regions in Indonesia. These are Sumatra, Mentawai, East Bali, Sumbawa, Sumba, Roti East Indonesia, Java,  Bali and Lombok.

The southern Nias which is close to Lagundi has certainly, one of best righthanders in Indonesia. Nias holds up to 15 foot and it also provides you with an excellent left reek break. In fact, this works well above 4 foot. Nias is definitely your ideal spot if you are looking for deep hollow waves.

The surf camp of Bali is at the Bingin beach. Bali, in Indonesia has been a favorite haunt of tourists from all over the world. Bali has beautiful tropical beaches, lush green forests and huge volcanoes. Besides, Bali is a very calm and sober place to be in for surfing in Indonesia.

Surfing in Indonesia can be a great experience. With exotic locations throughout the country, Indonesia surely, offers one of the best surfing facilities in the world. From the south and southwest, the swells come directly hitting the shores. This is the reason why all the islands have their coastlines facing in the direction of the waves.

The dry winter months are best suited for surfing in Indonesia. But it also accompanies huge crowds. But you can definitely find uncrowded perfect breaks in Bali, in Indonesia.

Indonesia Surfing Travel Guides

The Uluwatu is the most famous wave of Bali and certainly, it is meant for experienced surfers. It offers numerous waves with various swells and tides. The Padang Padang is another classic spot for experienced surfers. The word means both power and fear. It is the most dangerous hollow wave here as it has no water on the reef.

It hasn’t changed. Indonesia has some of the very best waves in the world, and the locations are as spectacular and exotic as the best tropical island dreams you’ve ever had. Some of the famous breaks – like Uluwatu on Bali – are now busy, but there are still many legendary places that remain all but empty; and thousands of kilometers of coastline where unsurfed breaks are waiting to be discovered.

Indonesia offers the ultimate in surf travel adventures and is definitely an experience not to be missed. The first thing to understand about the surf is that there’s plenty of it. The swells come from the south and southwest, so all the islands that have coastlines facing in those directions get waves. That includes Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba and Timor, plus countless tiny offshore islands.

The conditions that create these waves are ideal: the swells are formed by huge winter storms deep in the Southern ocean, and roll across thousands of kilometers of open sea before they reach Indonesia. That gives them time to even out, and also means they arrive at the same time as the southeast monsoon winds – light offshore breezes that give perfect shape to the faces. It’s also the ideal time of the year for weather: clear, sunny and warm. When you go to Indonesia to surf, April to September is definitely the time to be there.

With so many waves to choose from, it’s not surprising that you also have a wide range of surf holiday choices.

The easiest is to head straight to Bali, where the waves are superb – though busy. There’s a vast array of accommodation and the nightlife is rated the best in Asia. The huge breakers of Bukit peninsula make it one of the world’s best surfing spots. The white sand beaches and dramatic cliffs of Uluwatu add to the attraction. For a more exotic tropical experience that gets you far away from the crowds and closer to the culture of Indonesia, try one of the growing number of surf camps. You’ll find them on Nias Island (Lagundri Bay), Java (Garajagan and Ombak Tujuh), and Sumbawa (Cempi Bay). The accommodation is simple but comfortable, the food is good, the local people are friendly, and the waves are guaranteed to be uncrowded.

For real adventure in isolated areas where there’ll just be you, a few friends, and some of the best waves in the world. Take a surf cruise on one of the several boats that are now run specifically for this purpose. Ports of departure include Bali (cruises to Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Sumba); Jakarta (cruises to Panaitan, Deli and the southwest coast of Java); and Padang (cruises to the Mentawai and other islands Off Sumatra).

Surfing Location in Indonesia:

Nias Island, Sumatra
Mentawai Islands, Sumatra
Penaitan Island, West Java
Genteng, West Java
Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java
Grajagan ( G-Land ), East Java
Kuta Beach Bali
Canggu Beach Bali
Sanur Beach Bali
Nusa Dua Beach Bali
Uluwatu Bali
Padang Padang Bali
Dream Land Bali
Balangan Bali
Bungin Bali
Pecatu Beach Bali
Sarangan Island Bali]
Nusa Lembongan Bali
Medewi Beach Bali
Desert Point Lombok
Ekas Lombok
Seger Beach Lombok
Kuta Beach Lombok
Grupuk Lombok
Mawi Lombok
Air Guling Lombok
Selong Blanak Lombok
Gili Trawangan Lombok
Gili Meno Lombok
Gili Air Lombok
Senggigi Beach Lombok
Scar Reef Sumbawa
Yoyos Sumbawa
Supersuck Sumbawa
Lakey Beach Dompu Sumbawa
Lere Beach Sumbawa
West Sumba
East Sumba
Numbrella Roti Island


Indonesia Surfing Travel Guides

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