Fehan Fulan Festival

The Fulan Fehan Festival is a cultural heritage of ancestors on the border of Indonesia and Timor Leste that is still sustainable until now.

Fehan Fulan Festival 2

It was so amazing that weaving was native to the Timorese people and Likurai dance, a war dance typical of the people of the island of Timor who told of the struggle of the local people to expel the invaders.

Girl of Fehan Fulan Festival

girl in Fehan Fulan Festival

girls Fehan Fulan Festival

The event is packaged in the form of a Festival located on the Fulan Fehan hill at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

Fehan Fulan was so beautiful and amazing at the time yellowing in the dry season.

dance -Fehan Fulan Festival

Fehan Fulan Festival dancing


Fehan Fulan Festival

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