How to Establish Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is a vital part of any business strategy. By establishing your brand, your business can connect with customers while aligning to your greater goals. A brand is not just a logo,... Read more »
Build a Community

How to Build a Community for Small Businesses

If you’re a business owner who feels confined to a bubble due to your company’s small size, limited resources, or young age, you should consider connecting with other professionals in your niche.... Read more »

Competition Policy In Indonesia

It is important to bear in mind that competition policy involves more than just enacting and implementing an anti-monopoly law. In fact, competition policy encompasses all government policies that promote competition among... Read more »

Indonesia Decided to Join an Economic Cooperation

Referring to previous landmark studies by Robert E Baldwin, Mutti, and Richardson (1980), De Melo and Tarr (1990) and Takacs and Winters (1991), in the long run, economic liberalization including economic cooperation... Read more »

Bisnis e-Commerce Terpercaya

Bisnis e-commerce sering disebut dengan toko online.Toko online merupakan sebuah toko yang menawarkan barang-barangnya secara online melalui website yang dapat diakses melalui jaringan internet. Toko online diperuntukkan untuk anda yang ingin belanja... Read more »

How to process Dodol

Have you ever wondered how dodol, a toffee like sugar palm based confection is made? Here are some pictures I took several months ago in the kitchen of one of dodol supplier... Read more »

Flashback To The ASEAN Customs Director-General Meeting

The ASEAN Customs Director General Meeting in Bali has just ended. The official agenda shows that it is the 26th time Directors General holds a meetings, discuss strategic steps and determine the... Read more »

Inter-Sectoral Cooperation within the ASEAN Customs Frame

Meeting of the Director General of ASEAN Directorate General of Customs is to talk about customs cooperation in ASEAN as a whole. If moved backwards, the Customs in ASEAN has been longer... Read more »