The revitalization Of Indonesian Customs Office

Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) Indonesia Regional Offices itself has DGCE Regional Office and DGCE Special Regional Office.

Then the question, what distinguishes the DGCE Regional Office and DGCE Special Regional Office after Changes on DGCE Vertical Reorganization ?

The revitalization of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) Regional Office and the Main Office through the strengthening of its duties and functions.

DGCE Regional Office:

  • The separation of the functions between Public Relations and Household in the General Section;
  • Nomenclature changes and the strengthening tasks and functions of the Supervision in the Customs and Excise Section so that become Supervision Section;
  • Nomenclature changes and the strengthening tasks and functions in the Revenue Section on Customs and Excise Information Section to become Revenue and Data Management Section;
  • Nomenclature changes and the strengthening of tasks and functions in the licensing and facilities on Customs Facility Section so that become Licensing and Facilities Section. In addition, there is a restructuration in Customs Facilities Section from 4 into 3, in which the first is used to accommodate public relations function;
  • Removal and strengthening the public relations role from General Section into Customs Facilities Section through the establishment of Compliance Guidance and Public Relations Section. Establishment of Compliance and Guidance Section as well as Public Relations Section using one formation space in the Customs Facilities Division;
  • Strengthening inspection tasks and functions, especially related to narcotics and prohibited goods through the establishment of Narcotics and Prohibited Goods Section on the Enforcement and Investigation Division.

Main Office Type A:

  • Nomenclature changes, incorporating tasks and functions on the Licensing Section of the Customs and Excise become Licensing and Facilities Section of the Customs and Excise, and restructuring in structural space of echelon IV in the Customs and Excise Facility Service Division from 4 into 3;
  • Strengthening the tasks and functions of legal aid through the addition of structural space for Echelon IV from 3 into 4 in Objections Division namely the establishment
    of Legal Aid Section.

Main Office Type C:

  • Nomenclature changes in the entire sections in the Objections the Treasury Division namely Revenue Administration and Return Section become Revenue and Returns Section, Objections and Appeals Section becomes Objections Section; Customs Facilities Section become Customs and Excise Facilities Section.

All DGCE vertical agencies (Regional Office, Special Regional Office, KPU, and KPPBC), namely:

  • Addition of tasks and functions related to Functional Title of Customs and Excise Inspector (JFPBC) and other Functional Section on General Division / General Subdivision;
  • Strengthening tasks and functions in the Internal Compliance Division, namely internal investigation and prevention efforts.


The revitalization Of Indonesian Customs Office – Indonesian Customs


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