The Official Firearms of Indonesian Customs Officers

In carrying out the duties and functions under the authority of Customs, which is to safeguard the rights of states and the compliance on customs and excise provisions, customs officials or customs... Read more »

The Customs and Excise Service Offices in Controlling Tobacco Product

Minister of Finance Indonesia announced the 2017 excise tariff rate for tobacco products. The decision to increase the excise tariff rate was taken after considering aspects of health, employment, illegal tobacco distribution,... Read more »

Excellence Service is not Solely for Pilot Office

Change to achieve the better is something that is currently being promoted by the government to all the offices of community service. In 2016 Small Customs and Excise Service Office of Banyuwangi... Read more »

The revitalization Of Indonesian Customs Office

Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) Indonesia Regional Offices itself has DGCE Regional Office and DGCE Special Regional Office. Then the question, what distinguishes the DGCE Regional Office and DGCE Special Regional Office... Read more »