Flashback To The ASEAN Customs Director-General Meeting

The ASEAN Customs Director General Meeting in Bali has just ended. The official agenda shows that it is the 26th time Directors General holds a meetings, discuss strategic steps and determine the... Read more »

Inter-Sectoral Cooperation within the ASEAN Customs Frame

Meeting of the Director General of ASEAN Directorate General of Customs is to talk about customs cooperation in ASEAN as a whole. If moved backwards, the Customs in ASEAN has been longer... Read more »

Indonesia Wants ASEAN Customs to be strong on All Sectors

ASEAN customs experienced a significant changes after the Directorate General of Customs and Excise of Indonesia involving the private sector in the annual meeting of the Director General of ASEAN Customs to... Read more »

The Whirligig of Customs Valuation

The Whirligig of Customs Valuation A Study of the Regulation on Customs Valuation Database. By Teguh Iman S, Head of Customs Valuation I Section, Directorate of Customs The whirligig (merry-go-round. Carrousel in France. Draaimolen,... Read more »

Customs and The WCO: a Joint Response to Protect The  Environment

In commemoration of International Customs Day, The Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO), Kunio Mikuriya, shares his views with Indonesian Customs on the critical role played by national Customs administrations... Read more »

Defining the Mother’s Day in Indonesian Customs and Excise

As has been discussed in the previous article, the Mother’s Day is not merely about how a child expresses their gratitude to their mother, but it also about women’s struggle to have... Read more »

The Role of X-Ray Machine for Indonesian Customs

We often hear or read about how Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) Indonesia successfully seizes goods that are prohibited and restricted being smuggled due to the officers’ scrutiny when checking... Read more »

The Official Firearms of Indonesian Customs Officers

In carrying out the duties and functions under the authority of Customs, which is to safeguard the rights of states and the compliance on customs and excise provisions, customs officials or customs... Read more »