Competition Policy In Indonesia

It is important to bear in mind that competition policy involves more than just enacting and implementing an anti-monopoly law. In fact, competition policy encompasses all government policies that promote competition among... Read more »

Indonesia Decided to Join an Economic Cooperation

Referring to previous landmark studies by Robert E Baldwin, Mutti, and Richardson (1980), De Melo and Tarr (1990) and Takacs and Winters (1991), in the long run, economic liberalization including economic cooperation... Read more »

Home Economics Education as a Knowledge and Program

In the developing knowledge there was a Home Economics, now is known as Home Economics Education. The Knowledge related to home and family has been noticed by Mrs. Richard in New York... Read more »

Overcoming Poverty By Home Economics Education

The development of a country includes society among other things economy. Economic growth of a country and its society cover of economic field, such as food, clothing, and handicraft. This economic field... Read more »