How to Establish Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is a vital part of any business strategy. By establishing your brand, your business can connect with customers while aligning to your greater goals. A brand is not just a logo,... Read more »
Build a Community

How to Build a Community for Small Businesses

If you’re a business owner who feels confined to a bubble due to your company’s small size, limited resources, or young age, you should consider connecting with other professionals in your niche.... Read more »

The Customs and Excise Service Offices in Controlling Tobacco Product

Minister of Finance Indonesia announced the 2017 excise tariff rate for tobacco products. The decision to increase the excise tariff rate was taken after considering aspects of health, employment, illegal tobacco distribution,... Read more »

Single Indentity Number For All Business Practice

Clean business practice and modern bureaucracy are aspects to encourage a better economy condition. Business assurance and the compliance of tax duties payment are one of the keys to succeed of this... Read more »