Fehan Fulan Festival

The Fulan Fehan Festival is a cultural heritage of ancestors on the border of Indonesia and Timor Leste that is still sustainable until now. It was so amazing that weaving was native... Read more »

How to process Dodol

Have you ever wondered how dodol, a toffee like sugar palm based confection is made? Here are some pictures I took several months ago in the kitchen of one of dodol supplier... Read more »

The Deep Blue Sea Of Wakatobi

Snorkeling becomes a ‘must do’ activity when visiting Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi. Especially when you are not yet good in diving, snorkeling becomes an option. Like what I did a while ago with... Read more »

Port Of Panarukan East Java

Port of Panarukan is probably much less famous than other ports, such as Belawan, Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Emas, and Tanjung Perak. Panarukan is a district in the Situbondo regency. If you go... Read more »

Anambas The Sparkling Jewel of Sumatra

From Tarempa, the journey began. That morning, the capital of the Anambas Islands Regency that was piled up in a bay was still covered in silence. The sky was bright blue. The... Read more »

Belitung an Undiscovered Island Gem

Some Indonesian islands, such as Bali and Java, are household names the world over; others, like the Moluccan spice islands, were once well known but have since lost their economic importance and... Read more »

A Voyage To The Orangutan Of Central Kalimantan

Borneo as one of the wild in Indonesia. Sitting on the upper deck of our river boat (“klotok”) in the Tanjung Puting National Park in the late afternoon, the sights and sounds... Read more »

Welcome to Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom

Ivory white tents with taper shaped roof looked so charming. I watched a few moments before boarding to Air Arabia. “I must have missed this country,” I muttered to myself. A pointed-nosed... Read more »