Indonesia Decided to Join an Economic Cooperation

Referring to previous landmark studies by Robert E Baldwin, Mutti, and Richardson (1980), De Melo and Tarr (1990) and Takacs and Winters (1991), in the long run, economic liberalization including economic cooperation... Read more »

The Whirligig of Customs Valuation

The Whirligig of Customs Valuation A Study of the Regulation on Customs Valuation Database. By Teguh Iman S, Head of Customs Valuation I Section, Directorate of Customs The whirligig (merry-go-round. Carrousel in France. Draaimolen,... Read more »

Condition of The Aviation Industry In Indonesia And Global

The existence of Indonesia’s airport business cannot be separated from the dynamics that occur in aviation businesses both in Indonesia and worldwide. IATA notes that Asia has four out of five countries... Read more »

Looking Ahead the National Logistics Performance

The port condition is a portrait of a country’s economy. There is the gate for world logistic. It takes concrete steps in developing it. Solution is in sight, but are we ready... Read more »

Indonesia is a Very Strong Country

China’s Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Mrs. Zhang Qiyue – has said Indonesia has a golden opportunity to develop and that it is set to surge ahead in the coming years. “I always... Read more »

Fashionable Health Hazards

It is inevitable that we are judged by the way we dress. People often make judgments on others, about who they are, their line of business and their competencies from their physical... Read more »

Women and War : Reclaiming a Feminist Perspective

Women and War. It is by no means unpreventable that the exercise of war creates such a devastating consequences that destructs not only the stability of a country, but it has a... Read more »

Defining the Mother’s Day in Indonesian Customs and Excise

As has been discussed in the previous article, the Mother’s Day is not merely about how a child expresses their gratitude to their mother, but it also about women’s struggle to have... Read more »