Securing Your Remote Workforce

8 Keys to Securing Your Remote Workforce

Modern remote teams are made up of whatever combination of people can get online and get the work done. That means many different kinds of users are working together in the same... Read more »

How to Establish Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is a vital part of any business strategy. By establishing your brand, your business can connect with customers while aligning to your greater goals. A brand is not just a logo,... Read more »
Build a Community

How to Build a Community for Small Businesses

If you’re a business owner who feels confined to a bubble due to your company’s small size, limited resources, or young age, you should consider connecting with other professionals in your niche.... Read more »

Fehan Fulan Festival

The Fulan Fehan Festival is a cultural heritage of ancestors on the border of Indonesia and Timor Leste that is still sustainable until now. It was so amazing that weaving was native... Read more »

Competition Policy In Indonesia

It is important to bear in mind that competition policy involves more than just enacting and implementing an anti-monopoly law. In fact, competition policy encompasses all government policies that promote competition among... Read more »

Indonesia Decided to Join an Economic Cooperation

Referring to previous landmark studies by Robert E Baldwin, Mutti, and Richardson (1980), De Melo and Tarr (1990) and Takacs and Winters (1991), in the long run, economic liberalization including economic cooperation... Read more »

How to process Dodol

Have you ever wondered how dodol, a toffee like sugar palm based confection is made? Here are some pictures I took several months ago in the kitchen of one of dodol supplier... Read more »

Flashback To The ASEAN Customs Director-General Meeting

The ASEAN Customs Director General Meeting in Bali has just ended. The official agenda shows that it is the 26th time Directors General holds a meetings, discuss strategic steps and determine the... Read more »